The last 12 SSTV pictures received on 40m (7.170Mhz) at my QTH in Hobart, Tasmania (QE37RC)

Due to equipment problems, updates to this page will be sporadic until early June

See here for my 10m (28.680Mhz) sstv pictures.

See here for my 20m (14.230Mhz) sstv pictures.

The page will auto-refresh every 3 minutes, or press f5 to manually refresh. To refresh from the server instead of your local cache, use ctl-F5.

Timestamp is UTC, auto-slant correction is OFF. Slant calibration is done when propogation permits, Rx with wwv, Tx by ext. loopback.

Pictures are shown exactly as received.

Click here for Tasmanian weather radar